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GC Kingpin Kira

Our Story

It all started long time ago when we purchased a Siamese female kitten named Angelina for our daughter. We all fell in love with Angelina. Her temperament and her beauty were incredible. And that is how we started breeding Siamese! We wanted other families to experience the joy of owning a Siamese kitten just like our Angelina.

My daughter is a practicing vet now, but she still talks about the time when she took care of the small baby Siamese kittens running around in the house and falling asleep at the bright sunny spots of our house after a large meal. Our Siamese babies still do that, and they are still incredibly loving and strikingly pretty. Through the years we have received many holiday cards revealing stories about the journeys of our lovely cats. We treasure all these moments!


Home of GC Kingpin Adonis Mazarin

Pattam Singing The Blues-1.jpg

Home of RW GC Pattam Singing The Blues Of Kingpin

We live in a very small and cozy town in CT. When you come to visit, you will notice that we have a peaceful and joyful home. This is how we raise our Siamese. They are our pets, our companions and our pride and joy. When you come to our home, they will be the first ones to greet you. They will let you know that you are welcome here. They are simply irresistible!Please feel free to contact us with any additional information you might need.

If you are interested in one of our Kingpin Siamese, please let us know by email and/or a phone call. We will be happy to hear from you and explain our adoption process to you.

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